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There has been an increase in dustbin related crimes in our footprint, here is more information to help combat these would-be criminals:

Placing your dustbin out early or on the evening for the garbage removal services, means that it sits on the pavement overnight and can be used as a method of entry to get up into a tree and over a wall.

This also adds to the security concern in the community whereby recyclers use this opportunity to pick through the dustbins, so they are entering suburbs during both the day and the night.

Bins are sometimes knocked over and end up blocking driveways, which means residents have to get out of their cars in the morning to move the bins, exposing them to potential hijackings in the early hours.

The biggest concern is that dustbins also provide a good hiding place for hijackers who may target residents returning from work in the evenings, particularly at this time of year when it gets darker earlier.

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Dustbin Theft

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