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Our Senior Management


Leon Mans


Sipho Mbatha

Managing Director

Founded in 2004 by Leon Mans (Group Chief Executive Officer) and Sipho Mbatha (Managing Director). APCAN boasts with an excess of 65+ years of experience & expert knowledge about the industry. Driven by passion, we are committed to creating a safer community for all.

Our aim is to give all our clients peace of mind as we recognize the value of creating and cultivating a secure environment to work, live and play. We strive to create an environment where you can focus on growing and developing your business when partnering with APCAN, we will consider potential and immediate risks & threats.Founded in 2004 by Leon Mans (Group Chief Executive Officer) and Sipho Mbatha (Managing Director). APCAN boasts with an excess of 65+ years of experience & expert knowledge about the industry. Driven by passion, we are committed to creating a safer community for all.

With unparalleled expertise and experience within our senior management, we are confident to offer you a comprehensive range of services and solutions.

2020 has brought with it an array of challenges and triumphs. When the world looks back in the years to come and debates the endless possible methods of handling a pandemic of this magnitude, we will forever be the case study. Never have we witnessed such a devastating and historic event such as the Covid-19 pandemic. Touching all facets of life, everybody had to make decisions that shook them to the core. No different to the steep decline of the economic sector where credible businesses had to close for the hard lockdown that South African government had to implement in order to safeguard the Nation based on the information on the virus that effected the World. Due to this, some of these businesses had no choice but to permanently close down.

APCAN was and is fortunate enough to continue operating Our business as we are deemed an essential service and are a key part of being the backbone of this country. Giving peace of mind to our clients who were also facing many challenges, in this new normal.

Get to know our CEO and MD

About our CEO
About our MD

Our experienced Sales Force Management Team

Duan Van Den Berg
National Group Sales Manager

APCAN has gone from a Physical Security Services company to an innovative, trendsetting, and state-of-the-art Holistic Security Services provider.

With our exciting technology developments combined with well-trained and highly skilled Asset Protection Officers, we are at the forefront of the Security Industry with regards to the provision of both Technology and Physical Security Services.

As the person in charge of sales, the perception is that promises are made that are never delivered. With APCAN, we approach things differently. We are here to give our clients peace of mind, and that is what we sell you. Both our Technical and Operations Team are extremely efficient, effective, and well managed, and at the end of the day the success of any sales department and company lies with the people on the ground, they deliver the service we sell.

Finally, our effectiveness is determined by the day-to-day involvement of Senior Management including our CEO and MD. It is very seldom that you will find a company or service provider where Senior Management is directly involved in the day-to-day management of their business, and with APCAN that is exactly what you get.

I am proud to be an employee of this company, and you should have that exact same feeling when you choose us as your Holistic Security Services provider.

Marius Visser
National Operations Manager

Marius Visser is the National General Manager and has been with APCAN since 2012..

He has over 22 years’ extensive experience in Private Security Industry with extensive sales and operational back ground of the security industry.

Marius is Head the Operations team whom is responsible for the day to day running of the APCAN’S operations ensuring high levels of service to clients and internal departments.

Our management team is always accessible and continuously adapt strategies to the changing needs, times and environments of clients. We keep abreast of all technological industry advances.

Our team draws on broad industry experience and networks to create successful outcomes for our clients and staff.

"Our staff and clients are the most important people in our business and we strive daily to serve and support them to the best of our ability"

Cecil Swart
National Project Manager

Cecil has over 20 years of in-depth knowledge and experience working in various sectors from distressed asset Management & Risk Mitigation. Cecil heads up the Project Management division and manages a team of Analysis within his workspace space at APCAN.

He is always of the opinion that "security needs to be proactive with an adaptive mindset combined with an automated reactive ecosystem. South Africa has one of the most complex security/crime climates in the world where criminals have the freedom to colour outside the lines and security companies are always reacting to these types of crimes with little to no success"

Through our adaptability, we have created a variety of bespoke security products and services that can help detect crimes trends and patterns before they get out of control, assisting various sectors, including corporations and High Net Worth Individuals.

"At APCAN we have the freedom to approach our Executive Committee on any critical decision needed on a client-to-client basis. To work for an Owner Managed company that’s directly involved with the day to operations makes these decisions much easier to achieve. Our fanatical detail to our operations and our skills development training program is a class on its own. giving your average asset protection officer the skills to protect your assets and understand why they do it. It is always great to hear and see success stories of staff that can apply upwards pressure as they want to achieve their goals and dreams"

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